How Can I Bid at Auction 141

The Best Way:

Simply click on the “BID NOW” button that appears on the screen.

This will take you through to the registration page. Complete all the sections and you will be approved to bid at our auction. You will also be assigned your own unique paddle number to ensure your privacy is protected.

You are now ready to bid.

Traditional – Turn Up In The Room

Yes – we still have in-room bidding. Please note that the usual Health Regulations around the COVID 19 pandemic still apply – so if you are not well – bid online.

But if you are fit and healthy you are more than welcome to come along to the auction at PHILAS.

Traditional – Postal Bids

We no longer recommend this method of bidding. However, if it is the only way you can bid, please either:

1. Email [email protected] and request a postal bidding form. We will send you a form you can fill in and return to us.

2. Call Mark Bailey on 04 0000 8888. A postal bid form will be emailed to you.

A New Way – Telephone Bids

PHILAS will for Auction 141 have a telephone bidding option available. Again, we would encourage you to participate in the live online bidding process, however if for whatever reason you cannot, please either:

1. Email [email protected]

2. Call Mark Bailey on 04 0000 8888 and ask to be registered for telephone bidding.

You will need to give us your:

1. Name

2. Postal address

3. Your email

4. Your telephone number

5. The Lot Numbers on which you wish to bid

6. Your credit/debit card details



No Guarantees or Warranties

If you decide to bid by post or telephone, PHILAS will not be liable for any act, or error or omission whether committed by us or you in relation to bids placed or not placed on your behalf. PHILAS offers no guarantees or warranties as to its or its volunteer’s performance in the bidding by post or telephone process. PHILAS is not responsible for the failure of equipment or processes carried out by service providers which may result in a failure to have your bid placed.

Provision of Banking Information

Unless you have arranged with us (in writing and before the day of the auction) and you decide to bid by post or telephone, you will be required to provide the details of your credit or debit card. This ensures that all our bidders are subject to the same conditions as required by law.  Our online bidders are required to provide this information to register to bid. Therefore, bidders using other bidding methods must supply these details to ensure that no bidder has an advantage, whether actual or perceived, and to comply with NSW law.

If you are a successful post or telephone bidder no charge will be raised against your card until such time as the auction invoice has been dispatched to you.